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Here at Action Video Productions Inc., we view promotional videos as a sort of calling card for our clients. They are designed to give your business an edge over the competitors working as an advertisement that will attract potential clients. With our expertise, the promotional video that we create can be used as a promotional tool across your websites.

We also offer DVD transfers so that this video can be easily transported, played, or given to television stations to be broadcast. We are able to produces promotional media that range from a 45-minute infomercial down to a simpler 30-second commercial. The format, length and style are up to you.

Our video planning starts off with pre-production to identify our client’s goals and objectives so that we will know exactly how you want to promote your business. After the goal is established, we start on a high level overview to outline the points you want to make. When the outline is approved we then produces the final script which allows us to go into the final stage of pre-production that involves auditioning talent, purchasing props, and scouting locations.

We work fast and efficiently so that we don’t waste our client’s time or money. We run a business ourselves and realize the importance in advertising effectively and correctly. Your company’s promotional video is in good hands.





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